August 23, 2021 – Update to Face Covering Mandate

Due the ongoing pandemic and the new COVID-19 variants, the WA State Secretary of Health has reinstated the face covering mandate with certain exemptions. See the document below for the specific requirements.

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L&I Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19

As of June 30, 2021, businesses in Washington can fully open and have fewer requirements to protect employees from COVID-19. Additional L&I guidance is being reviewed and updated.

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Mask and Distancing Requirements Are Changing

Updated state COVID-19 workplace safety and health guidance from the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), will help employers adapt masking policies to meet new CDC guidelines adopted by Governor Jay Inslee.

thumbnail of Updated Mask & Distancing Requirements – May 2021

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CDC Essential Workers COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

The Centers for Disease Control has created a toolkit for providing information about Covid-19 vaccines to essential workers and their employers.

The resources in this toolkit include information, printable materials, social media graphics, website widgets, and more.

Visit to access this great resource.

Contact Tracing Logs and Screening Records (August, 2020)

We’ve been asked how long it is necessary to keep COVID-19 related records. We looked into it and found that the Secretary of State issued some guidance. The short answer is… keep the records until they are “no longer needed for agency business.” Basically, keep them until the state tells us they don’t need them anymore.

See the download below for the full information about what does and doesn’t need to be retained.

Downloads – Record Retention Guidance

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Webinar – COVID-19 Workplace Requirements (July 22, 2020)

Did you know that businesses are now be cited for not providing the safe workspace for their employees? Do you know the mandatory requirements? Join us for COVID-19 requirements Webinar to find out if you are doing the right thing!

In this webinar, we will discuss Workplace requirements for employers ranging from mandatory requirements, training, PPE, and ideas on how to make your workplace safe.

Presented by: Sal Orozco

Downloads – Covid-19 Workplace Requirements

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Masks and Face Coverings

Masks and Face Coverings Guidance

These documents cover the transmission risks and the state-mandates regarding the use of face masks in the workplace.

Downloads – Masks and Face Coverings

thumbnail of Washington Coronavirus Hazard Considerations for Employers (except COVID… thumbnail of COVID-19 Face Coverings Alert thumbnail of Which Mask for Which Task (F414-168-000) DOSH Directive 1.70 Updated 5/15/2020

DOSH Directive 1.70

General Coronavirus Prevention
Under Stay Home-Stay Healthy Order

This document highlights the Department of L&I methods to assess if an employer is providing a safe workplace who continue operations under the Order. Employers are required to maintain prevention practices consistent with DOSH, OSHA, and Department of Health guidance. It also outlines what prevention program elements or equivalent protections should be instituted to limit the spread of the disease within the workplace under DOSH rules and in connection with the Governors Order.

DOSH Directive 1.70

Downloads – DOSH Directive 1.70

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Frequently Asked Questions

Downloads – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Unemployment

Update 3 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Standby Update

This information will explain the new Standby rules now effective from the Employment Security Department. We have included instructions on how to place employees on standby and a sample letter you can use for your employees.

This is not a webinar. Click the image to download the report.

This is a follow-up to our two prior Coronavirus webinars.

Prepared by: Janee Cantu

New Standby Rules – ESD

Downloads Update 3

New Standby Rules - ESDthumbnail of Introduction To Unemployment
Sample Standby Letter (updated 3-24-2020)thumbnail of Estimate Unemployment Benefitsthumbnail of Unemployment Application Checklist

Webinar 2 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – New Employee Benefits

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to change our way of life and business, join this webinar to hear about the likely upcoming changes to paid leave, paid family medical leave, and unemployment benefits that employees may soon be eligible to apply and receive. This is a follow-up to our prior Coronavirus webinar.

Presented by: Janee Cantu

Downloads Webinar 2

3-19-20 Coronavirus Update – Slide Deck PDFLinks to State Agency Resources for EmployersSocial Distancing SummaryCDC – CERC Infectious DiseaseCDC – Wash Your Hands PosterCOVID-19 Workplace recommendations TemplateRecommended Response Plan GuideSample Standby Letter (updated 3-24-2020)

Webinar 1 – Coronavirus and Other Communicable Diseases in the Workplace

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading, but what does that mean for the workplace?

In this webinar we discussed L&I’s protocol for handling exposure cases and the benefits employees are eligible to receive if they are exposed or contract the virus. We also discussed practical advice for employers on what steps can be taken to protect employees and what WA State is doing to help businesses.

Know how Coronavirus will affect your workplace!!

Hosted by: Janee Cantu, Integrated Claims Management, Inc.

Downloads Webinar 1

Coronavirus In the Workplace 3-13-20 – Webinar SlidesNovel Coronavirus Fact Sheet – King CountyCOVID-19_Scenarios and Benefitsthumbnail of Corona virus infographic – Pierce Countythumbnail of OSHA – Guidance on Preparing Workplace for COVID-19Planning For Coronavirus Pandemic – King CountyCOVID – Exposed – DOHthumbnail of COVID – Concerned – DOH thumbnail of COVID Disinfectant – 03-03-2020 – EPAthumbnail of DOSH – Coronavirus Hazard Alert

State Agency Resources for Employers

  • Links to state agencies that are offering relief (filing deadlines, taxes, etc)

Department of Revenue

  • Business relief during the COVID-19 pandemic

Department of Labor & Industries

  • Employer Assistance Program

City of Seattle

  • Small Business Stabilization Fund

Governor Jay Inslee

  • Resources from the governor’s office

Small Business Administration

  • COVID-19 Disaster Assistance