Experienced Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Claims Specialists


We assist your business throughout the entire claims process. We give our clients personalized attention dealing with the specific problems and needs of each case, while maintaining regular communications.
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We utilize findings from safety inspections, which identify potential risk factors, to evaluate potential losses and take action to reduce or eliminate such threats.  We help companies limit employee injuries and lost income.
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We provide the experience and expertise needed to navigate complex issues presented by the Employment Security Department. We achieve cost savings by reducing the number of claim charges to your account and auditing for charge errors.
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Delivering Desirable Outcomes

We help our diverse clientele to:

  • Manage Workers’ Comp claims
  • Develop Return To Work plans
  • Keep employees safe and healthy
  • Prevent potential losses.

Trusted By

Northwest Auto Care Alliance (Formerly NW ASA)
A History of Success
Providing relevant, affordable, and practical solutions for risk management since 1986.