Mission & Values


ICM promotes a direct relationship with each of our clients. We aim to not just know what the needs are but exceed them. Our mission in part, is to make sure we promote the partnership we have with our clients, and help each business reach their most efficient and cost saving solutions. One way ICM does this, is by embracing open communication and maintaining flexibility to the changes in our industry. As part of ICM’s values, we are focused on maintaining long term partnerships with each of our clients.


ICM aims to be the leader in providing the exact service our customers need, in the most useful ways possible. Being able to provide what is most valuable to our customers not only helps when action is needed but also helps reduce costs through process efficiency. ICM wants a smooth transfer of information for businesses so they can track and see their claims but drastically reduce the amount of time they personally spend on risk management. One way ICM maintains the ability to provide quality service is by staffing appropriately. ICM knows it is essential to make sure our clients can get the information they need at anytime. We know this must be done without sacrificing attention needed to properly and aggressively manage claims and safety related issues.


ICM always keeps an eye on producing results for our customers. It is not enough to provide the best service anymore. We must see results; it is really that simple. While we understand that regulation and legislation at times may seem to stunt progress, this does not phase ICM. We are driven by our dedication to our clients to give them the best end result possible. To accomplish this, ICM works hard to get information where it needs to go, offering and assisting with solutions that produce safe work environments for employees and reduce exposure for injury as well as pushing for the best financial outcome from any claim that is filed. Diligent work and expertise is the only way to navigate through L&I at times and we aim to get your employees healthy, and back to work as soon as possible. As one of our core values, producing a favorable result is key to our clients success and in turn our own success.