Unemployment Services


Unemployment is one of the few taxes over which you have some control. Unemployment tax rates are calculated using the benefit charges of former employees; one claim can make a substantial difference in savings. Employers can affect their bottom line through education, documentation, and by developing their understanding of unemployment.

We can help you achieve cost savings through expert unemployment claims administration.  Service features include reducing or eliminating the number of claim charges to your account and auditing for charge errors.

We have the experience and expertise needed to navigate through the complex issues that are presented by unemployment claims. We handle each claim with precision and accuracy to ensure that the Employment Security Department has the correct information they need to properly adjudicate each case.

Services Include:

  • Full service unemployment claims administration
  • Benefit charge reviews and audits
  • Unemployment insurance tax rate verifications
  • Representation at unemployment hearings
  • Training and education on how to deal with unemployment claims

Imagine a complete unemployment claims administration service dedicated to keeping your tax rate down!!

Interested in getting started?

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