Subscription Program


The Subscription Program provides businesses with the support and advice that their in-house staff needs to effectively handle Workers’ Compensation claims and safety training.  The Subscription Program provides 24 hour, online availability to self-service resources; including claims documents and forms, safety posters, safety videos, and  annual training courses.  Subscribers have access to everything they need to limit employee injuries, lost income, and future costs.

Some additional features of the Subscription Program include:

  • Unlimited phone and email consulting with claims and safety experts
  • Free access to any of our live online conferences, training classes, and webinars
  • Safety alerts and posters for your industry

Workers' Compensation

The Subscription Program is best suited to businesses that do not have the need to fully utilize our Full Service Program, but still need assistance with Workers’ Compensation claims from time to time. Examples may include:

  • Businesses lacking in expert knowledge and/or execution when it comes to safety and risk control
  • Businesses needing an expert to call directly when there are questions about Workers’ Compensation
  • Businesses that are not interested in joining or do not qualify to join a Retro program
  • Businesses which have a very low occurrence rate of injuries
  • Businesses that do not have current claims, but are concerned about the possibility of inspection by DOSH

If you are not sure whether the Subscription Program or our Full Services option would be more appropriate for your business, call us today! We will gladly answer any of your questions and help you know the benefits and differences between each program so you are confident to make a decision.

Safety Training

Periodic safety training should be incorporated into the ongoing processes of your organization to limit employee injuries and lost income.  Now providing safety training is easier than ever.  We offer a subscription program which provides employers with 24 hour online access to safety training resources – including safety videos, safety posters, and annual training courses complete with quiz.

Flat Fee Service

In the spirit of keeping things simple, the Subscription Program is an annual fee based on the size of your business – starting as low as $249/year. We would be delighted to provide an official price quote at any time.

If you are interested in learning more, please download, complete, and submit a Temporary Authorization for Release of Information form. A representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.