Workers’ Compensation Cost Control

ICM’s unique and aggressive approach to claims management was established to ensure that employers receive the best advice and expertise when it comes to handling their L&I claims.

We work closely with L&I as your representative aggressively managing claims and keep you informed of any important actions. We encourage you to communicate directly with your injured worker and relay any crucial information to us as soon as possible.

ICM provides quarterly claims reports so that you can see the action and progress taken on your claims. Our reports show step-by-step what we have done and plan to do. Thereby reducing claims costs and providing a greater retro refund.

Loss Prevention/Risk Reduction and Safety

ICM ‘s written Accident Prevention Program meets OSHA/DOSH requirements. The program includes a safety orientation checklist, required posters, accident investigation and reporting, occupational injury and illness record keeping: OSHA 300 and a safety program implementation disc. The ICM Loss Prevention Safety Team offers an on-site complete walkthrough inspection of all your facilities for OSHA/DOSH compliance.


Providing return to work options will benefit your Injured workers and it will reduce the financial impact of your workers’ compensation premiums. Simply put, employers with less injuries and fewer injured that result in time loss, have lower rates.

Unemployment Cost Control

Because your annual unemployment tax is determined by the benefit charges of former employees, one claim can make a substantial difference in the business savings. We achieve cost savings by reducing or eliminating the number of claim charges to your account and by auditing for charge errors. Our goal is to help you understand the system and avoid claims before they begin, primarily through seminars, policy reviews and consultation. Imagine a complete unemployment claims administration service dedicated to keeping your tax rate down!

Retrospective Rating Programs


A Retrospective Rating (Retro) Program is an optional program offered through L&I and is sponsored by an Association for its members and is an opportunity for safe employers to receive refunds on their paid premiums. As the group’s losses decrease due to safe workplaces and aggressive claims management with ICM, the refund becomes a bonus on top of the discount already received when your individual rate with L&l drops!


Larger employers may choose to enter into an Individual Retro program. ICM can help you in the analysis to determine your best option.

Risk Class Analysis

Are your employees properly classified in the correct risk class! Are you paying too much in L&l premiums! ICM can help you answer these questions. Many employers are surprised by the answers.

Education & Training

ICM assists employer s with every aspect of workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation cost control/reduction. Some of our more popular programs are:

  • Claims Management
  • Loss Prevention/ Risk Reduction
  • Accident investigation
  • Safety
  • Unemployment cost control
  • Others as needed