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  • Unemployment

    Employers can affect their bottom line through education, documentation and the understanding of unemployment. Imagine a complete unemployment claims administration service dedicated to keeping your tax rate down. More

  • L&I Safety Audit

    Have you been caught off guard in the past when a DOSH Compliance Inspector appeared at your place of business? If you have or would like to be prepared for when this does occur you have come to the right place. More

  • Report a Claim

    With ICM's electronic claims form we make it easy to report a claim. ICM is dedicated to working with you through the entire claims process. Simply fill out the from and it will be sent off to your account manager. More

  • Safety Products

    Allow ICM to guide you to the products and equipment that meets the safety regulations or is recommended to make your work place safe. Browse through products and make one stop shopping easy! Start Shopping

ICM Services

ICM offers over 20 training videos in our Training Library. A few examples are; Ergonomic Training, How to Conduct a Safety Meeting, OSHA 300 Recordkeeping, and Safety Orientation. To view all of ICM training videos become a member today. Prices start at just $149 per year.

Click on the video below to view ICM’s Services Ad.